•  Bonita has been in business for 20 years and has been practicing this artistry for 40 years.
  • There currently are no other artists who practice Art Deco Constructivism to the degree that Bonita does in Canada today.  Bonita draws upon the artistic traditions of Constructivism, Cubism and Art Deco which had its beginning in the early part of the 20th century.  
  • Bonita’s Dimensions currently operates out of her studio in Guelph, Ontario Canada.

  • All pieces are original artistry.

  • Bonita signs all pieces on the back of her artistry to allow for a 4-way hanging option.

  • Commissions are available. 


  • Bonita’s Dimensions does not accept returns.
  • Bonita’s Dimensions does not do refunds.


  • Bonita’s Dimensions will ship throughout North America for any framed collection piece and

globally for unframed collection pieces.

  • The shipping process is dependent on the piece of art itself. 

Framed art with glass would be a two week period for processing. Unframed art processing would be within a week.

  •  All shipments are sent from the Bonita’s Dimensions Studio in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.
  • Shipping Costs for Framed pieces will be priced in accordance to FedEx Charges for art shipments.  Proper delivery address and phone number will be required, as well as a signature by the recipient upon delivery to its destination.
  • Shipping Costs for unframed pieces will be priced in accordance to the pricing scale of weight with Fedex.  Proper delivery information and phone number will be required as well as a signature upon delivery to its destination. 


  1. MasterCard, Visa, American Express
  2. No bank transfers.