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My history through the world of art.



Bonita Silver, is a self-taught artisan whose inspirations came to her at the age of 16 while studying art in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Due to the inspiration of the great works of El Lissitzky, Frank Lloyd Wright, M.C. Escher, and the Bauhaus Era, Bonita’s own geometric techniques and interpretations of this great art form emerged. Forty years ago, Bonita began her collection designs in the pen and ink medium. It was after the development of the pen and ink technique that Bonita soon started to experiment with colour, oils, acrylics and leaf on canvas to accommodate her designs on a larger scale.

As the onset of the computer age began to unfold in the designing world, Bonita went back to school in order to bring the newest age of design capabilities into her realm of designing techniques.

Being a geometrical artisan in Art Deco, Bonita researched the Art Deco Constructivism Era with great interest. Once seeing that geometrics predominated designs in the Deco Era, Bonita set out to establish a collection, which features some of her works as a purest in this format of artistry.

From the past comes the future and it is Bonita’s goal to prevent this artistry from disappearing in the 21st century and to establish herself as the leading Art Deco Constructivist Artisan in North America today.



The Illusion

Introduction to Art Deco – Constructivism

The beginning of Art Deco Constructivism began in the Netherlands in the early 1900’s. It was the De Stijl Movement, which produced the first journal that allowed the venting of the feeling about Art, Architecture, and the world in general.

There was a gradual realization of perception and representation into the horizontal, the vertical, primary colours, black, white and grays.

It was the designer, Gerrit Rietveld, who built a house as an exercise in three-dimensional and it was the colours that he chose which picked out the structural detail.

It was El Lissitzky, a Russian Constructivist artist, who in 1920 published an article on Rietveld, which aided in the spread and knowledge of avant-garde ideas in art, architecture and design.

In Russia – the Constructivist movement had its own language and was adopted as a revolutionary art form. Constructivism represented a reduction and rejection of traditional artistic representation and saw its purpose in social change and a strong belief in the machine.

Constructivism was abandoned in 1921 and it was Laszllo Moholy-Nagy who had links with the Constructivist at this time. He was influential in placing this artistic theory and practice at the Bauhaus. He was the one who ensured that the principles of Constructivism were not allowed to die.

The influences of Constructivism were very apparent in many images in European design during the 1920’s.

Constructivism is a strong geometrically and architecturally based language. My purpose as a Constructivist artisan is to ensure that this great form of artistry is carried into the 21st century for interior design and fine art.


bonita silver

100 Sunnylea Crescent #3, Guelph ON, N1E 1W6

Professional Profile

Art Deco Constructivist artist with a portfolio of varied accomplishments which includes referenced articles, exhibitions and exporting. I possess a strong sense of artistry and forward-thinking that is consistently displayed across all of my art pieces. I am also capable of communicating with clients regarding specifications for customized art pieces.

Relevant Art Work History

  • Featured at the ROM with the Art Deco Society of Toronto 2003
  • Trade Summit Delegate for Entrepreneurial Women 1999
  • WIN Participant for Entrepreneurial women with the Federal Government 1999
  • Invited to enter into Neo-Con Shows for international competition 1999
  • Editorial in the Aficionado Magazine (NY) 1999
  • Uniquely Ontario Show (Toronto) 1999

IIDEX Show (Toronto) 1997

Designations and Affiliations
  • Creative Art Association, Guelph 2016
  • Art Deco Societies in Washington (HO) and Toronto 1999
  • Roche Bobois (Montreal/France) 1998

Gallery Shows

  • Kloepfer Gallery, Guelph 2017
  • Masterpiece Gallery, Guelph 2011
  • Barber Gallery, Guelph 2008
  • Loretta Lynn’s Photo Studio, Bracebridge 2004
  • Art in the Park, Toronto 1999
  • Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery, Waterloo 1998
  • Roche Bobois, Montreal/France 1998
  • Stores & Restaurant Shows
  • Art in the Park, Guelph 2018
  • Atmosphere Restaurant, Guelph 2018
  • Manhattans Jazz Restaurant, Guelph 2018
  • Art on the Street, Guelph 2016 – 2019
  • Janus Books 2017 – present
  • Meri Mak 2021 – present

Employment History

Artist – Bonita’s Dimensions – self-employed (Guelph) 1997- present
  • Created various Art Deco collections using wood, paper, glass, Canvas and clothing
  • Roche Bobois (Montreal/France) – Glass Accessories 1999
  • Designed various Art Deco collections in Glass Accessories
  • Studied software applications to design artwork
  • Collaborated with contractors to create Art Glass
  • Completed all finishing’s to collection
  • Exported across North America and Mexico
  • Dalmy’s (Montreal) – Clothing Line 1990
  • Designed hand-painted, limited edition collection pieces


Ryerson University – BA in Administration 1978

First Interactive Computer College – Multimedia Certificate 1998

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