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Keeping Art Deco Alive In The 21st Century

Art Deco Constructivism is what I do as an artist. I am now being showcased where it all began. I welcome everyone to visit me in France with this link.

A leading & passionate art deco constructivist artisan

Inspired by the greats El Lissitzky, Frank Lloyd Wright and M.C. Escher at the age of 16, Bonita Silver began studying art and working on her geometric techniques and interpretations of the Bauhaus Era. Fine art emerged. Her collection designs began in ink and pen mediums and soon started experimenting with colour, acrylics, oils and leaf on canvas to accommodate her unique designs on a larger scale and begin an art business.

Keeping Art Deco Alive In The 21st Century

Art collectors all around the world understand and appreciate all that Art Deco did for the modern art scene. This is exactly why Bonita’s goal is to prevent it from disappearing in the 21st century. There is still so much it has to offer the art world. Constructivism had its own movement and language and saw its own purpose in social change. Through Bonita’s own art in her online shop, she hopes to keep these characteristics alive while also creating her own language and becoming the leading Art Deco Constructivist Artisan in North America.

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Bonita sells original artwork online and at various art fairs for other artists, art lovers, and newcomers alike to purchase and admire. The art community is a large one, but with Bonita’s own online shop, customers can have a more intimate experience while shopping for the perfect new wall art to add to their collection.

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Selling wall art, glass pieces, and wonkies.

Framed Pieces

Ranging in various sizes, each framed painting represents a different time in my life and is inspired by various artists, architecture and nature.


Selling original paintings unframed on various-sized paper or canvas using pen, pen and acrylic combinations, and acrylic and copper leaf combinations.

Wood Slat

No two pieces of wood slat art are alike. These pen and acrylic wood slat pieces come in various sizes and will accentuate any space.

Glass Pieces

Say cheers with these unique sandblasted, blown glasses. Part of the Roche Bobois collection, a world leader in French-inspired furniture design.


These hand-crafted wooden wonkies make a statement in any space. All created with acrylic, pen and leaf of diverse colours.


Papyrus Paper Egyptian

Wood Slat Egyptian

Searching For Art Deco Paintings Online? Contact Bonita Today.

Bonita opened an online store where she sells her own work that has been crafted with care, hard work, dedication, and passion. Her fine art pieces can be shipped to customers across North America. If you’re looking for the perfect piece to add to your collection, Bonita can answer any of your questions and will gladly go into detail about what has inspired each individual piece. Contact her over the phone or via email today, or simply add your favourite piece to your cart and follow prompts for secure payment.
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